Using your company’s 401(k) investing choice can be perilous. If you’re like many employees, you may have simply accepted your company’s default 401(k) or 403(b) investment choice, often a target date fund, without much thought. If your investment isn’t tied to a savings plan that aims to provide paychecks in the future, however, it’s a bridge to nowhere in particular.

Try our personalized approach to investing

Our (k)vesting™ offers a personalized approach. We can either match you’re investing to your investment risk tolerance or base it on providing retirement paychecks. If the latter, you could use our Retirement Accumulation Planning (RAP™) service that targets replacing 60% of your current income. This work allows us to determine the base allocation or “investment recipe”, the first step in the funnel. That generally is simply a percentage of stocks and bonds.

Ingredients for investments.

The next step is for you to authorize us on your 401(k) administrator’s website. We’ll then research your available investment options.

We will evaluate all your options (ingredients) to see what investment categories they fall into such as large-cap stocks and intermediate bonds. If you have a preference to integrate your personal values, such as women’s empowerment, planet protection, and private prison-free investments, we will see if your plan offers investments with those screens.

What is your best recipe?

Based on the categories your plan offers, we will determine what “investment recipe” best fits your ingredients. You can’t make tomato salsa if you’re given pineapples. If you have garlic salt and no garlic by itself, you need to back off on adding regular salt. We then back-test the portfolio in our software for you to get a sense of its historical returns and their variability. We will also provide its Morningstar Sustainability Ratings if you wanted a “values integrated” portfolio

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