Are you taking the wrong 403(b) investing approach? Have you been automatically enrolled in a target-date fund? What happens if it’s the wrong investment for you? It’s you who gets hurt, not them. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) cautions: “Depending on your circumstances, you may find that a different option in the plan might be better suited to your retirement savings needs.”

On the surface, an investing approach tied to your investing date makes sense. However, it doesn’t target monthly checks when you retire. It can’t because it doesn’t know how much you are saving.

Our (b)vesting™, 403(b) Investing service offers a personalized approach. We can either work by assessing your tolerance for market declines (risk tolerance) or by assessing how much you want to live on in retirement, say 60% of your current income. That is what our Envisioneering® Retirement Accumulation Planning™ (Envisioneering® RAP™) targets. Our Envisioneering® Financial Life Planning takes a more holistic approach.

Ingredients for investments.

Our Envisioneering® Investment Process seeks to have you take on risk as necessary for your retirement income goals. We convert your need for risk into a strategic investment recipe aka asset allocation, for example, 65% stock and 35% bonds. That is the risk-adjusted, return-enhanced portion of our investment process.

Do you work for a mission-aligned non-profit, say racial advocacy, women’s empowerment, or climate? While you may want to integrate your organization’s mission and your personal values into your investing, we need to find out what choices your employer offers. By connecting to your 403(b) administrator’s website, we research the investment options available to you. We will see if your plan offers investments with your values. Surprisingly, some 403(b) investment menus have no choices at all. In fact, some have their employees invest in the very thing they advocate against.

While you may have value-screened investment choices, how should they be allocated into a diversified retirement portfolio? We will evaluate all your options to see what categories they fall into such as large-cap stocks and intermediate bonds. Based on those options we will see which one of our different “investment recipes” best fits your ingredients. You can’t make pineapple salsa if you’re given tomatoes.

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