Don’t think you can afford a financial planning service?

Wondering if you are doing the right things?

Heard no financial advisor wants someone with your limited account size?

We believe true financial advice is not limited to investing. It provides advice on clarifying your goals and how to fund them. It looks for ways to improve your probability of success without changing your lifestyle. That is why we teamed up with MoneyGuidePro to offer a guided, financial planning service.

Award winning financial software plus financial advice

The team at MoneyGuidePro developed myMoneyGuide®. MoneyGuidePro®, is the number one financial planning software. The award-winning program walks you through a proven process using content developed by Certified Financial Planner™ professionals. It is a guided online planning experience where you create your own personalized financial plan,

Identify your goals

Define your needs, wants and wishes in retirement; prioritize them and create a plan to make progress towards them. Do any of these goals sound like you:


Explore the possibilities of trade-offs to help you get the retirement you want, such as spending less, saving more, retiring later or changing how you invest.


Test your plan for the unexpected, including:

  • Sudden market drops
  • Large health expenses
  • Cuts to social security benefits.


Plan for more fun and less stress. Planning is about doing more with what you have so that you can achieve more of your goals and have fun in your retirement.


Do you have someone to help you prioritize and plan your finances to increase the probability that your goals can become a reality?

We believe that the key to using any financial software, is having professional advice. That’s why we package it with a caring, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. CFP® pros take a vow to keep your interests ahead of their own and to continue to invest in their own financial education.

Our experience with the software has shown that can you can get false answers. That may due to an improper data input or inaccurate assessment of costs. You may feel that investment returns may be higher or expenses lower.

Another issue is finding that the way your financial goal is structured, you can’t achieve it. That may be trying to fund a child’s education to a prestigious school. While that may be your desire, available savings and investments may not allow for 100% funding. Through assessing trade-offs and the possibility of alternative funding methods may change the result.

Why the myMoneyGuide® and Envisioneering™ financial planning service?

You’re in control. myMoneyGuide® is a valuable experience that can help you design and build your plan. After you complete your plan, you will connect with an Envision Wealth Planning advisor. You select 1 or up to 3 hours of financial advice from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. If you find you need more help, you can enroll in our more comprehensive services. The myMoneyGuide® and Envisioneering™ financial planning process:

  1. Receive an invitation and be directed to a personalized website,
  2. Select from online Labs available 7 days a week and enroll in a Lab of your choice. Labs typically last about 90 minutes,
  3. You create your own personalized financial plan by completing the Lab you select, and
  4. Request your 1 or 3 hour review.

Why wonder where you stand, when you can find out? Contact us to learn more.

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