Our brand of comprehensive and holistic financial planning is unique in the industry. Our services range from comprehensive to specific issue-based planning. Pricing ranges from $1200 to $12,000, depending on need and complexity.

The Envision Wealth Planning Financial Needs Pyramid (see below) shows that financial planning needs to be built on top of a solid financial foundation. That includes protecting your income from issues like disability or unexpected death, as well as maintaining cash flow by controlling spending and debt. If your foundation isn’t yet solid, we offer debt and cash flow management to help.

holistic financial planning pyramid

Comprehensive and holistic financial planning

It’s important to us that you create a relationship with your financial life planner. That starts with a personal values questionnaire, probing questions about your values and goals, and an assessment of your current financial structure.

The Envisioneering™ Financial Life Planning steps are delivered over a series of four to five meetings, depending on the complexity of your particular circumstances. After the initial year of engagement, we expect to remain your partner in the future, and our ongoing relationship includes quarterly or semi-annual meetings and on-demand access.

Retirement Planning

While retirement planning is part of our holistic financial life planning, it can also be targeted as a stand-alone focus through our retirement accumulation planning (RAP) and retirement income planning (RIP) services.

RAP is the “saving up for” phase of retirement planning. We seek to answer how much you need to save and at what rate of return to replace 60% of your income when you retire. This delivered over two meetings.

Retirement income planning (RIP) is for those near or already in retirement, and addresses how to replace your pre-retirement income, as well as plan for the “unknowns” of retirement. We evaluate your options for claiming Social Security and pensions, as well as how to spend down, 401(k), 403(b), and Roth accounts in a tax efficient manner. We also plan for the distinct possibility that you will need some type of long-term care, along with your health expenses. Depending on complexity, we typically address this in 3 to 4 meetings.

Debt and Cash Flow Management

Need help with debt, emergency reserves, and getting your finances together? Could you withstand the loss of your income due to disability? Could your family withstand the loss of your income due to an early death? That’s what our debt and cash flow planning service, Get Your Finances Together™, addresses. We typically address this in 3 meetings.

College Financial Planning

We help clients with the three phases of paying for college:

  1. Saving up for college
  2. College funding pre- and during enrollment
  3. Student loan repayment

While saving up for your children’s college education is ideal, it is not always practical for parents. Especially those who are still paying off their own college debt!

Eventually, you or your child are faced with what college to go to and how to pay for it. The return on investment of college should be a consideration in what college to attend. Often college loans are part of the package, but most students have little to no idea of the impact loan repayments will have on their lifestyle when they graduate. In addition, government loan repayment programs are complicated.

Our College Funding and Student Loan Advisor designee can help you navigate through these many choices. Envision can be your partner through all phases of college financial planning.

Other Financial Planning

Divorce can be a financial shock. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst can help address your stress. Our work is to help you better understand what life will be like if you accept any given settlement offer.

Many of our clients are small business owners. There may often be a “blurring of the lines” between personal financial planning and planning for a business. These may include issues such as employer sponsored retirement plans and disability income protection. We help clients leverage their business to enhance their personal financial planning.

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