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James Brewer loves to empower independent thinkers to make smarter money choices that honor their personal values. He is an adjunct professor at College of Financial Planning in Denver, CO where he has spoke on topics such as Retirement Income Planning. He has been interviewed on various media platforms for his wealth of knowledge. We know it can be hard to find material that clearly articulates the application of financial terms and concepts. That is why James makes it a priority to provide complementary resources that you can access on his website and social media pages. Throughout the year he can be found at financial conferences across the United States, encouraging his peers, learning updated strategies and presenting his own expertise. Check out our events and videos below to find relevant resources. 


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Join us on the fourth Thursday of every month either virtually or in-person. In person, you will get a chance to meet with our speakers and discuss the topic over a light lunch. On zoom you will be able to participate in the Q&A and receive the recording via email!

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