Have you taken time out to address your small business financial planning? That is why it’s so important to develop a plan to make sure it’s taken care of financially. By working with one of our small business financial advisors, we can talk with you about your financial goals for your business and discuss options for how to get you there.

As small business financial advisors, we’ll take a little bit of time, every year, to develop a solid financial plan. You’ll be able to set your mind at ease regarding everything from how you’ll retire to what would happen to the business if something happens to you.

Financial planning might seem like a luxury when you have a business to run, but the fact is it’s never more important than when you own your own business.

Developing a Financial Business Plan

Our small business financial advisors will lay the right financial goals for your small business. It can provide steps you can take to make sure you achieve those goals. It involves taking a look at where the money for the business is coming from and where it’s going, as well as where it could be going to better support the company.

At Envision Wealth Planning, our small business advisors look at everything from potential investments into the business to insurance policies that will help protect the company in the event of a disaster. We even help you come up with a succession plan to determine what will happen to the business if something happens to you or you decide to retire.

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Retirement planning is simple when you’re an employee! All an employee has to do is fill out a few forms. The employer sets up a retirement account for you in the form of a 401(k). Your employer can even set up automatic deposits into your 401(k) so you can save for retirement without having to think about it.

But if you’re a small business owner, you don’t get paid the same amount every month. It makes it hard to automate your retirement savings! That’s where our small business financial advisors can help.

We’ll talk about your retirement goals and help you develop the right plan based on your current financial situation. We will also meet with you on a regular basis so that, as your company continues to grow. If your financial situation changes and/or your retirement goals change, we’ll update your retirement plan accordingly.


Taxes for small business owners are also unique. Our small business financial advisors know all the deductions you can take. They help you find ways to manage your money before tax season so as to never overpay your taxes.

Small business owners have multiple forms to fill out when filing their taxes. Many of those forms can be quite confusing! But a small business financial advisor can help you navigate all the paperwork. They’ll help you figure out how much you have to pay so you can get back to doing what you do best. Running your business!

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