The Envisioneering® Values-Based Investment Portfolio, or EJS, is our feature impact investing asset allocation model. They are an extension of the Envisioneering® Investment Process and our R.A.R.E research. They seek to produce risk-adjusted returns, as well as the best asset allocation strategies from some of the largest mutual funds companies. We do not compare ourselves to their impact investing models. We compare ourselves against their non-model portfolios. The Envisioneering® EJS Core Portfolios use mutual funds for their ingredients. Further impact investing customizing is available through our partnership with Morningstar’s Women Empowerment and Ethic Investing’s 19 Environmental, Social, and Governance value pillars.

The Envisioneering® EJS Portfolios represent a series of impact investing, and asset allocation models across six different risk profiles.

Envisioneering® EJS Portfolios

portfolio risk return

These Core Portfolios vary in investment risk exposures, from highly conservative, the EJS 20 through to the aggressive EJS 100.

  • EJS 20
  • EJS 35
  • EJS 50
  • EJS 65
  • EJS 85
  • EJS 100

The numbers indicate the percentage of stock in the portfolio. For example, Envision Justice™ Series 65 has 65% stock, 34% bond, and 1% cash. Our risk-adjusted return enhanced methodology helps regulate the amount of investment risk in each of the portfolios. This process provides varying risk and returns over time, as the percentage of stock and bond in the portfolio changes.

Impact investing model portfolios

The Envisioneering® EJS portfolios provide diversification across eleven sub-asset classes (ingredient classifications). The investments that make up the Core Portfolios are selected because they provide returns that best match our internal benchmarks, including the asset allocation funds of some of the top mutual fund names. According to our research partners, these investments also have high impact investing ratings.

As these returns are longer than Envision Wealth Planning has been in existence, they are back-tested returns. Due to the extensive disclosures necessary to use back-tested results, we have opted to show them to prospective investors during a one-on-one meeting. We look forward to showing you our results and learning more about your investing needs to determine which of these impact investing portfolios is right for your needs.

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