We cover your financial blind spots, so you can enjoy your day-to-day life guilt free, while building wealth for the future you envision.”

— James Brewer, Founder

Subscription Based Financial Planning

Envision offers a unique comprehensive financial planning approach where clients pay by subscription. We offer initial meeting packages to currate your personal plan. Then we help you build your financial health through trimester meetings. Pay for what you need.

Ingredients for investments.


Envision has curated investment portfolios that connect your personal values with risk-adjusted return enhanced percentages. We encourage you to have a holistic financial plan but if you are interested in our portfolios, click here to see if you qualify for investment only!

Featured Content: Student Loan Repayment

We are dedicated to helping those struggling with Federal Student Loans. We have several learning materials including articles and webinars as seen below.

Repaying Student Loans

Full Webinar from July 2023

Misunderstanding Student Loans Article

Financial Literacy for All

Get access to our year long fiscal calendar. We provide financial education to clients and those who register for our monthly webinar. You can learn how to subscribe for more content on our presentations page!


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