Envision’s portfolio investing (or Envisioneering® Investing) focuses on building “better” risk-adjusted return portfolios that are customized to your values. Most people will react strongly when they see their account balances down and that can take more focus than where the money is being invested. It’s the interaction of the ingredients that makes up your entire portfolio. We are passionate about values-based investing. Our clients make money while incorporating personal values, such as women’s empowerment and racial justice. 

We coined the term “risk-adjusted, return enhanced investing,” or R.A.R.E., to describe our approach. Our research has shown that adding values, such as social justice or climate change, can reduce a portfolio’s potential and risk. Risk reduction translates into higher balances compared to portfolios with similar returns and higher risk. We focus on broadly diversified portfolios for our clients, with the appropriate mix of company sizes and stock-to-bond ratios for each individual. Our portfolios have been analyzed and updated since 2017 to be comparable with leading investment companies. To see the numbers check out our webinar on September 28th, 2023, or set up a discovery call with James Brewer, our portfolio manager.

Our Personal Values Investing Methodology

Ingredients for investments.

Each of our portfolios is curated carefully within our R.A.R.E approach. This is done by varying the percentage of stock and bonds in the portfolio. We decide what ratio to use according to your risk tolerance.

Next, we factor in values. 

  • We use a questionnaire from YourStake.org to determine the causes you want to prioritize in your portfolio.
  • We use Morningstar to determine investments that truly meet your values and needs. We don’t employ a one-size-fits-all implementation, so you have options below.

To learn more about this process read about our tech stack here.

Personalized Investing Options

  • We use Pontera to evaluate your work 401k or 403b and create an alternative investment choice that coordinates money already being set aside with your values. 
  • Our single investment manager portfolios allow investors with smaller investable amounts to invest, from moderate growth (60% stock) to aggressive (100% stock). These portfolios are still screened for values-based investments but are less personalized.
  • The Envision Justice Series  is the cornerstone of our values-aligned portfolios. This series of six portfolios provides clients with a choice of risk exposures, very conservative through aggressive. Our globally diversified portfolios outperform the models of the most popular mutual fund firms. Unlike the single manager portfolios, they use different investment managers to fill the recipe so they can be more personalized.

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How well aligned to your values is your portfolio? Use the free evaluator at As You Sow to see what you are currently investing in. You can explore your company’s 401k or 403b as well!

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