In your busy life, have you taken some time for yourself to think about your vision of financial freedom (retirement)? After all, your retirement vision has more to do with having enough resources to live the way that you want to live.

Financial Freedom -Less

We all have two visions of retirement one vision, one we don’t want, as you living in a world you find miserable. It may be not being able to own the car that you want to own, being a member of the country club are enjoying a simple cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop that vision could come because of poor health. That poor health may be a result of years of financial stress, paying off debts, and working at a job that you hate. At that point, you may have thought it only I had… If only I had started earlier, if only I had saved more, if only I had gotten more education if only I had spent more time learning about things financial, if only I had sought out the advice of someone who worked in my interest is not the interest of their company.

Living someone else’s financial freedom vision for you

In our fast pace life, it is easy to accept someone else’s thought of your vision crafting your vision. Numbers can be deceiving. There are many rules of thumb for trying to determine how much you might need when you’re ready to retire. Some say 70% of income and others say 80% of income. If you make $100,000 things you could do it $70,000 are the same things you might feel that do it $80,000. That might mean giving up that country club membership, not traveling around the globe are being able to go on your grandchildren. What if your vision included actually living on 90%? You had been giving up travel for all those years and now finally have the opportunity to travel. These are the goals that got put on the back burner while you are fighting the good fight at work, investing in your children’s future, taking care of parents, and the many other things we can do with our paycheck.

What is your vision of financial freedom?

In Martin Luther King’s, “I Have a Dream Speech” he quoted our founding fathers when he said “Let freedom ring. What do you hear when you hear freedom ringing? There are many decisions that you will face along the way of hearing your freedom ring.

Decisions of how much to save, decisions of what not to spend on, decisions of trading off small wants and today’s small indulgences for much larger ones tomorrow.

Decisions to stay invested in the market when others say you should be fearful, decisions on finding guides for the journey, determining what resources you need to keep and which ones to shed.

Life is short. None of us knows how many tomorrows we have. However, this uncertainty requires that we have to plan for tomorrow that may not occur. Waiting for tomorrow often means working longer, saving more, and being a weary warrior. Weary from continuing to be on a treadmill that never seems to lead to a destination much less destination vision to help you fine-tune your vision of your happy self. Are you ready to start planning for your financial freedom? Stop now and start to sketch out your vision in the picture of yourself when you let your financial freedom ring. Then share it with those you love. Contact us to see if we are the right ones to help build the plan to pursue living the life you envision.

(1) The opinions voiced in this material are for general information only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual.

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